...is a festival for those seeking boundless freedom and simple, rich pleasures. 

It’s a heavenly taste of Tuscany savoured over three days of eating, drinking and dancing in a safe, intimate space for all. 




Australian-born producer HAAi’s debut album Baby, We’re Ascending was one of the best LPs of last year, an ecstasy of kaleidoscopic synths and rushing BPMS. For those in the know, though, she’s been ascending for a while. A relatively obscure choice as the Saturday night resident for Phonox back in 2016, she held down the fort for two years, selling out weekend after weekend and throwing one of the best NYE parties we can remember, returning for the honour in 2021. 

A true digger who digs anything that sounds different, HAAi's record bag spans Thai funk, Nigerian rhythms and indescribable psych, mixed into fader-maxing techno and old-school rave. Having gone B2B with pretty much everyone in the game (The Blessed Madonna, Mall Grab, Denis Sulta, Daniel Avery), launched her own label-slash-party (Coconut Beats, featuring Giles Peterson and DJ Nobu) and played more festivals than could be sensibly listed, we’re outrageously stoked to have HAAi fuel the FLASH famiglia with her high-energy, zero-inhibition selections.





She’s the baddest of them all and she’s coming to Tuscany. The mastermind behind the song of 2022 and the first female DJ to score a UK Number 1 for twenty years, the Dalston-born singer is the platinum-certified BOTA and the ciabatta toast of London right now.

Eliza, ironically, has never been one to do little – working at cult record store Flashback since she was fifteen, singing and DJing professionally before she was eighteen and hitting the airwaves for The Vinyl Factory – she’s incisively cut her teeth on a pesto of UKG, soul and jazz and given us an insatiable appetite to hear what she cooks up.A double-barreled gun-for-hire combining live vocals and mixing, she’s imprinted her magic on Shake Records and Lobster Theremin, played at the capital’s most discerning parties and venues (Rhythm Section, Boiler Room, Spiritland) and enjoyed a full victory lap on the worldwide festival circuit last summer (Lost Village, Field Day, Outlook). Now, BRIT-nominated and set for world domination, here’s your chance to see her with your friends old and new, paired with – you guessed it – a glass of micro-local Rosé…





Moustached and mischievous, Parisian producer and DJ Myd is a breath of fresh air ready to be inhaled. Whether he’s dancing in saturated music videos, teaming up with Mac DeMarco or inviting radio listeners to create the final track of his album, he’s a wind-up-merchant selling actual gold. While his persona might be playful, though, his music is seriously good: sun-kissed, blissed-out, dance-pop imbued with Vitamin D and a little bit of E, too. 

During the global lockdowns, Myd's CoMyd-19 radio show – fit with a daily DJ set and hotline – won listeners across the world for its serotonergic energy, bringing together dance music fans from every corner of the world. It’s little surprise, then, that we chose him to headline our opening night after two years lost to the pandemic, laying down feel good anthems to see in the return of FLASH. Now, he’s back for 2023 and ready to make everyone narrowly avoid peaking too early again; but when the tunes are this hot, who the hell cares… 





Back to fly the flag for FLASH’s hefty Australian contingent, DJ Boring is returning to FLASH a hero, having helped make our 2022 edition the sweetest yet. Now a decade since he started producing and (wildly) seven years since we all fell in love with lo-fi gold-dust ‘Winona’, Boring has become one of the most exciting DJs on the planet, a globe-trotting party-starter whose record collection and USB stick arsenal must be protected at all costs. Most recently, he’s segued into live shows and collaborated with Cad73 for ‘Shakedown / The Vulture’, with heaps lined up for the future.

As deft a hand at spinning Detroit techno, low-slung house, bleepy electro and reach-for-the-lasers rave, Boring’s hot-and-heavy 1 hour sets make the legal department of 48 hour deodorant brands sweat like there’s no tomorrow. Pack light for this set, sip something cool and bring a beach towel at the ready – Boring’s going to bore a hole in your brain…  





Another member of the FLASH famiglia, Dan’s back for seconds after stealing the show in 2019. DS is all about gigantic, soul-quenching, mind-altering grooves: think funk, samba, soulful house or four-cheese disco. Winning the attention of Moodymann back in 2014 by slipping a burned-CD of '3am Jazz Club / Thinkin' into his record bag backstage, Shake quickly learnt how to DJ, going straight to vinyl with a dodgy set-up so nothing could throw him along the way. 

Beginning a worldwide touring marathon that’s never really ended, Dan started his own House Party series of events and has pinned his USB to every corner of the map – London, Lebanon, Las Vegas, Lithuania, Limerick – and that’s just one page of his A-Z travels. We can’t wait to welcome him back to Tuscany, ready to roll back the years to our second edition and set the foundations for future ones to come. 





If you’re playing volleyball in the FLASH pool, remember: do not under any circumstances invite Barry in for a game. While the Edinburgh-born DJ might not be an able swimmer, he is riding a wave right now thanks to his frenetic, energetic sets, ones that defy magnetic laws by fusing together polar opposites: jazz, house, techno, jungle and whatever else his record-digging hand is attracted to in the moment.

Gaining traction thanks to his 2021 debut EP 'Amor Fati' and joining Ninja Tune, Barry landed spots on the Radio 1 playlist, major kudos from Mixmag and a Ones to Watch accolade from The Blessed Madonna. Fresh from last year's jazzy EP 'More Content', informed by his classically-trained chops, Barry’s on his way to crossing over into the mainstream – on a lilo, of course… 




Classically trained, psychedelic grooves and Bristolian Bass music

Japanese-born DJ Manami has had a wild few months; she’s supported Peggy Gou in Japan, played Percolate's huge 10th anniversary NYE (after a quick trip on the same night from playing with Midland in Brighton) and closed We Out Here's Worldwide FM stage. Bristol heads, though, will know that she’s been bubbling up over the last couple of years; she’s been playing parties across the city and imbuing her trippy sets with the city’s distinctive bass sound. When she’s not out starting parties she’s sharing tunes via her monthly residency on Noods, winning new fans and fellow selector admirers. Inviting her to FLASH is nothing short of fate – her first ever tune was ‘Plastic Italo’ – and her love of shifting tempos and switching gears is sure to give everyone a proper tiramisu.





You might not have heard of Tai Lokun yet, but you’ve likely been a matter of metres away from her; last summer, she played at Love Saves The Day, Lost & Found, Parklife, Love International and Lost Village to name but a smattering. Regularly appearing on Rinse, NTS and all those other grande stations, Tai’s sets revolve around skippy, shuffling beats and a sharp combination of smooth and choppy textures. We’re ready to lock in to Lokun in Tuscany this summer; and with previous B2Bs with Eliza Rose and HAAi in her portfolio, she’s set to be a perfect accompaniment to the sounds of FLASH Quattro.




They make you move

Seemingly bringing at least half of Northern Ireland over for FLASH 2022, the Inside Moves boys are back with a new bag of tunes (and, likely, the other half of NI). Playing with total freedom, the duo splice together classic house, soul, disco, balearic and afro rhythms with one sole aim: make people dance. Boasting great taste when booking for their regular party – they’ve given Belfast debuts to Jayda G, Chaos in the CBD and Carista – they’re also a mainstay at AVA Festival, loaded up with scores of ID-this-for-me tunes. 



Located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany has an unrivalled richness of culture, one that’ll leave you lovesick after: a return trip the only cure. Art, music, wine, olives, pasta, vistas: its bountiful land grounds everything we do. 

From traditional pasta-making with our very own Nonna to wine-tasting masterclasses with vineyards a cork’s throw away, FLASH is a love letter to Toscana. 

The festival itself is a miniature Tuscany, a verdant garden with stalls serving up authentic local classics made with love, ready to be paired with a negroni, amaro, limoncello or waterfall of natural wine. 

But FLASH is just as much a holiday as it is a festival, so make use of the shuttle bus and head out to local town Castiglion Fiorentino or, if you’re up for an adventure before or after the festival, further afield to the likes of Florence, Siena or Pisa. 

The world’s your osteria… 



Make your Tuscan holiday a comfortable one. Forget sleepless camping - we’ll keep you cosy for all three nights. Every option offers home comforts to meet your budget and anticipated blood-tannin concentration. 


Podere Sant'Apollonia

Via di Castroncello 47, 52043 , Castiglion Fiorentino AR, Italy



We’re passionate about FLASH, so much so that we could talk about it for hours like a true Italian. We’ll keep it rapido, though…

Dreamt-up by Benedetta Venturini and Karl Schussig (that’s us), FLASH began in 2017 with a simple vision: introduce a small group of revellers from across the globe to the true, authentic Tuscan experience. Our festival’s first edition took place with a handful of friends and famiglia, dancing together from dawn until dusk (and dawn again) under the sun, stars and occasional shower of spritz. 

After a year of planning, FLASH returned as a bigger summer party in 2019 with a few hundred friends; some old, others new, all sharing the same love for good music, exceptional food and fine wine without the pretentiousness, extravagance or flashiness that’s often served on the side. We were elated to bring Dan Shake, CC, Disco, Chaos in the CBD and Laurence Guy to Tuscany alongside sets from local DJs playing retro Italo grooves in their spiritual home.

Sadly, the global pandemic meant we had a two year hiatus. It did, however, make FLASH 2022 all the sweeter. We returned to our miniature paradise with euphoric sets from salute, Bradley Zero, I Jordan, Eclair Fifi, Laurence Guy, MYD and DJ Boring and a new selection of Tuscan experiences, making it the best year yet for us. The FLASH ragazzi seemed to agree: we quickly sold out our Super Early Bird, Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets and built a cult following that’s spread across the world.

Now, we’re returning for 2023 with our finest line-up yet. While we can’t wait to welcome back friends and family from past years, we’re also just as excited to see new faces ready for their first taste of FLASH; so don’t hesitate, act pronto! We’ll be waiting with a glass of chianti…


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Treat yourself to the sweet life once a year - we think you might just get a taste for it..