We’re passionate about FLASH, so much so that we could talk about it for hours like a true Italian. We’ll keep it rapido, though…

Dreamt-up by Benedetta Venturini and Karl Schussig (that’s us), FLASH began in 2017 with a simple vision: introduce a small group of revellers from across the globe to the true, authentic Tuscan experience. 

Our festival’s first edition took place with a handful of friends and famiglia, dancing together from dawn until dusk (and dawn again) under the sun, stars and occasional shower of spritz. After a year of planning, FLASH returned as a bigger summer party in 2019 with a few hundred friends; some old, others new, all sharing the same love for good music, exceptional food, and fine wine without the pretentiousness, extravagance or flashiness that’s often served on the side. 

We were elated to bring Dan Shake, CC:Disco, Chaos in the CBD and Laurence Guy to Tuscany alongside sets from local DJs playing retro Italo grooves in their spiritual home. Sadly, the global pandemic meant we had a two year hiatus. It did, however, make FLASH 2022 all the sweeter. We returned to our miniature paradise with euphoric sets from salute, Bradley Zero, I Jordan, Eclair Fifi, Laurence Guy, MYD, and DJ Boring and a new selection of Tuscan experiences, making it the best year yet for us. The FLASH Famgilia seemed to agree: we quickly sold out and built a cult following that’s spread across the world.

We returned in 2023 with our finest line-up yet, including Eliza Rose, DJ Boring, HAAi, MYD, Barry Can’t Swim, Dan Shake, Inside Moves, Tai Lukon and Manami. 

Flash Festival 2024 will be our 5th Edition. While we can’t wait to welcome back friends and family from past years, we’re also just as excited to see new faces ready for their first taste of FLASH; so don’t hesitate, act pronto! 

We’ll be waiting with a glass of chianti…


The family spirits that make up FLASH. We’re staunchly open to all, ready to gather a small group of adventurers in Tuscany every year.


Quality with simplicity. Think of us like a beautiful mamma that shows you the finer things in life, teaching you how Tuscan’s eat, drink and live and letting you indulge generously.


We get everyone together to share the same values of intimacy, immersiveness, connection with nature and a love of tradition and innovation. 

You’ll bring a sense of liveliness to Tuscany, and we’ll bring a slice of Tuscany into your lives forever.


We’re open, friendly, inclusive. We’re here to welcome people from around the world, encouraging total openness and being yourself.


Share love and you’ll get some back. FLASH is a little community ready to invite you in with a glass of wine and an Italian greeting.


Let go and escape the ordinary with free-spirited, like-minded people. Be real, always.

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