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Here’s an Italian saying, among many, that we love: botte piccola fa vino buono. If you’ve not been brushing up on Duolingo before Flash, it translates to in the small barrel there is good wine; in other words, good things come in small packages, especially when they taste like the nectar of the gods.

This logic carries through to parties, too. In a small festival, there is a good wine (and an even better time) for a range of listicle-friendly reasons. Flash isn’t just small, though. Like diminutive influencers, waves, skirts, computers and – ahem, that’s enough now – it’s micro. A label given to weekenders that weigh in at around 1500 capacity or less, micro festivals offer an intimate, boutique experience for a pint-sized crowd of punters. There are loads of exceptional examples across the UK; like electronic haven Field Manoeuvres, experimental party Supernormal and Sea Power’s miniature happening Krankenhaus. Naturally, we’re big fans of this kind of approach and are delighted to whisk it off with us to Tuscany. 

If Flash – with its surrounding paradiso of lush greenery, rustic architecture, poolside bars and beating sun – is the small barrel, then the resulting wine of life-affirming food, seriously good selectors, lively atmosphere and, err, wine is the good wine. If you need any more convincing that micro festivals are mega, here’s a rundown of why keeping things piccolo really plays our flute.

You’ll always find your friends – and make some

Every group of amici has that one friend who likes to go off on a wander at festivals, which is a nice idea until you end up missing a set trying to find them among a sea of people. Since micro festivals, though, have fewer punters than big clubs or gigs, there’s basically no risk of losing your mates, signal or – god forbid! – your patience. Plus, it’s even easier to make friends, since you’ll find yourself bumping into the same people all the time. At Flash, that means waves from across the poolside, the freedom to sit down at any bench and eat al fresco, gossiping on the hammock, raving together at night and sharing a spritz with a new pal.

Stage clashes? Forget them!

Microfestivals pivot on small, meticulously-curated lineups, usually all playing on the one stage. That means that you get to see every single act for every single second, with no need to make the solemn decision between who to see or splitting up your group if you’re simply that stubborn. At Flash, you’ll get to catch every poolside selector and every main stage DJ: meaning, yes, you’ll be able to savour HAAi, Eliza Rose, MYD, Barry Can't Swim, Dan Shake, DJ Boring, Inside Moves, Manami and Tai Lokun all for the price of a day event (but with way better wine, a swimming pool, luxury glamping and an idyllic Tuscan village round the corner). Our accountant hates us!

Noone is a VIP, everyone is a VIP

To the untrained eye, festivals are the ultimate leveller: until, that is, you open your eyes to the AAA passes, backstage areas, corporate boxes, exclusive dinners, secret tents, endless guestlists and a rainbow of different wristbands that even the security gets confused about. Micro festivals, though, do away with the commercial nonsense and create a space where everyone can party together as one. At Flash this year, you’re likely to find yourself dancing next to Dan Shake, eating pizza with the actual pizza chef, drinking with the sommelier or – worth the ticket price alone, dare we say – meeting us… 

It’s all about set and setting

The problem with increasing capacity for a festival is that you need a bigger site and usually – not always, but often that not – that means a more boring one. Then there’s the problem with sound; everyone’s been to a main stage where they can worryingly hear their friend sipping their beer louder than the actual act. Micro festivals, though, prioritise set and setting, creating a special environment with exceptional sound and exquisite surroundings. Thanks to our countryside location, we can get the bass thumping late into the night, and you can enjoy the special paradiso that we call home rather than a stadium, massive tired field or, without throwing shade, vacuous desert.

A safe space for everyone 

Microfestivals generally attract a warmer, friendlier crowd looking for a good time rather than an absolutely insane one (don’t worry, we have fun here, but you know what we mean). At Flash, we’re committed to creating a safe, inclusive space where anyone across the world is invited to dance, bringing together soulful souls from every corner of the globe. We want to make you feel totally relaxed; no dress code, no right way to dance…but don’t you dare, don’t you dare, ask for mayo with your pizza….

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