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Flash brings a lot to the table – and we’re not just talking about the cascades of chianti, stacks of salumi, piles of pizza and pasta, gorgeous gnocchi, special espresso, et cetera et cetera. Well, we are talking about that a little bit. But, food and wine aside, we think there’s a whole host of reasons that sets Flash apart from other festivals across the globe. Without further ado, here’s our list of USPs, beyond our Uniquely Saucy Pasta.

The Camping 

When it comes to Flash, a pitcher speaks a thousand words, especially if you’re sitting next to them after they’ve been to every wine tasting masterclass. Our happy glampers are kept happy thanks to our selection of premium Bellissimo bell tents, featuring crisp, cool cotton bedding, plush pillows, bath towels and a cute doormat. For those wanting something simpler, we’ve got Camping Packages to avoid the hassle and hustle of bringing tents, sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses (deflated, we imagine, but still hefty) on the flight. Finally, for the old-school festival goers among us, we’ve got DIY camping and Campervan Passes so that you can pitch up or park up under the Tuscan stars.

The Location

Our favourite place to go away? No answers on a postcard needed, it’s Italy; weirdly, though, festivals are few and far between or, if you’re wanting to camp, basically non-existent. It’s why we started Flash: to combine a Euro holiday with a Euro festival, creating the ultimate La Dolce Vacanza. A cork’s throw from Castiglion Fiorentino, a gorgeous walled city in Tuscany, the Flash site is a tiny private garden surrounded by a villa, airstrip, verdant field and medieval castle. Whatever you’re picturing, go smaller; tent to stage is a five minute saunter, and that’s us allowing for you grabbing a quick slice on the way.

The Familgia

On that note, capacity is capped at a thousand festival-goers, so you’re going to know everyone’s name, preferred aperitivo, favourite pizza topping and thoughts on the Italo Disco revival within hours. We’re proud to create a safe space for everyone to relax, chat and dance, and our familiar famiglia faces each year makes everything even more special. Just make sure you pass the initiation: dancing with a spritz in one hand and a plate of pasta in the other without spilling anything… 

The Pool

Who needs boat parties when you’ve got a pool right in the centre of the site? Ready to revitalise and renew you after a lively night, our swimming pool is the ideal aquatic hangout for when the sun gets high and the tunes get started. Bonus points if you participate in Gnoccoball, the official sport of Flash: volleying a giant beach ball across the pool and narrowly, as the name suggests, avoiding slapping it valve-first into a bowl of cheesy dumplings.

The Music

Yes, we hear you, every festival in the world has music. But how many have just one stage, meaning you don’t miss a single act? Plus, for under £100 (or £65 if you were an especially speedy fledgling) you’re getting a carefully-curated lineup of some of the buzziest DJs around. If you’d like to take a closer look, have a read here;  but, in short, we’ve got UK Number One artist and Baddest of Them All (Eliza Rose), two of Aussie’s finest (HAAi, DJ Boring), returning party-starters (Myd, Dan Shake, Inside Moves) and cutting-edge selectors (Barry Can't Swim, Manami, Tai Lokun).

The Food and Wine

OK, we couldn’t help ourselves from helping ourselves. While it’s true that Flash has a lot more to bring to the table than gallons of natural wine it does also, naturally, have gallons of natural wine, plus similar quantities of Aperol Spritz, Campari, negroni, beer, espresso and everything else you can think of under the sun. Focusing on local produce, our food is a love letter to Tuscany – pizza, pasticceria, gnocchi, fettuccine, salumi – with gluten-free and vegan options that aren’t just get-rid-of-the-bread-or-cheese.

We are on the last few Final Tier Tickets. once they're gone they're gone for Flash 2023. So ensure to book immediately to avoid major FOMO.

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